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• 4/8/2018


can we talk about like regions of our nations that we can "make up" or something
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• 12/16/2017

Nation Article

Is there a template for making an article for a nation?
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• 11/21/2017


Anyone know how to check your nations weather forecast?
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• 8/21/2017

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• 7/28/2017

How do I use the United States Government as my government?

Honestly, I wanted to use United States Government as my government but I wanted to be Psychotic Dictator (game only and I'm Libertarian in real life). So how do I use the United States Government as my government in NationStates?
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• 8/23/2016

Upcoming Wiki Anniversary and Logo Contest

Soon it will be the 10th anniversary on WikiStates and it has been eight years since an admin has been on the Wiki which allowed one of us to adopt it. Such as this, a new logo has been placed temporarily and a theme for the Wiki. Since as I said, our new logo is currently temporary, we have came out with a contest for the Wiki to create a new logo over at the Main Page. On that page, read the requirements for when making a logo. The proposed deadline is on 15 September 2016. Entries go here.
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