Mohammed Javad is known to have been the first Sultan of the Fansou empire, the empire was known to contain over 90 countries on which most of them saw bloodshed. The current President of the succeeding country Ikhlaqabad who is a muslim famously for his convertion from his switiching from islam to christianity to islam has said that the country is a long way to becoming a Christian state as the population grow as it currently is under dictatorship and lead by one religion.

Keeper of the gates
Mohammed Javad
King Fan

1st Sultan of the Fansou Empire
Assumed Office

19 January 1100

Preceded By Office created

Born 11 August, 1077 ADJerusalem
Died 13 August 1144 AD
Occupation King
Languages Spoken English, Hebrew, Arabic
Spouse Unknown
Religion Islam
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