Market Commonwealth of United Island Empires
Di Frīmäkit Comonwalth ouf Unitisch Sïland Ferialisions
United island empires flag
Motto: In necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas
In necessity united, in doubt free
Sekore City
Official languages English
Demonym Etlander
Government Sui generis parliamentary republic
- High Representitive Joseph Williams NR - PP
- Vice Representitive Steven Anderson LA - LB
- Prime Minister Jacob Guest LA - LB
- Auditor Majority Leader Andria Hallow LA - AT
- Consitutional Enactment 1912
- Total 3,898,290 km²
- Water (%) 30.1
Nationstates 6.898 billion
Roleplayed 68,980,000
GDP 2008 estimate
- Total $288,994,528,552,132.69 USD
- Per capita $41,895.41 USD
HDI (2003) 0.989 (very high)
Currency Antilles Yent (ANT)
Time zone (UTC+0/+8)
Internet TLD .uie

The Market Commonwealth of United Island Empires (commonly known as UIE, the Commonwealth or Etland) (Garomenian: Di Frīmäkit Comonwalth ouf Unitisch Sïland Ferialisions), formally the Incorporated Commonwealth of United Island Empires, is a sovereign union in the north of the Lesser Antilles. The country was formed in 1912 when two adjacent monarchies, Etland Empire and the Litalic Island Kingdom, had simultaneous and co-ordinated revolutions, unified by the resulting constitution. Most of the union is in the Antillian Accuapelo, bordering Caseia on the Island of Caseia and Zarroc and Caseia on the island of Northland. Elsewhere borders are shared with Herstory from the state of Hong Kong, Quintana Roo from Volenna and Galvarino from the Saharan Territories.

The nation is a political union consisting of 22 states and 15 other territories. The Commonwealth's domestic policy is governed by a parliament, consisting of a lower house, the Council of Legislators, and an upper house, the Council of Auditors. Foreign policy and executive power is vested in the National Council of Representatives, which elects a high representitive from its ranks that acts as the de facto head of state. Although the nation has no official capital, the Legislative and Executive seats of government are in Sekore City, so this is commonly referred to as the capital, although the Judiciary Branch, headed by the Constitutional Court, is located in Collingwood.

UIE is a developed nation, with an HDI of 0.989. It is a founding member of the Lesser Antilles Economic Community, and a member of its currency union, using the Antilles Yent. It is also one of the members of the bloc's Security Council. It is also a member of ACCEL and Caricom.

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