Nationstates region
Population 50
Delegate United Nation of Romnia
Founder Orangutang Fiction (Originally Sovereign States)
External website

Atlantis was originally founded in early 2003 and is thus one of the oldest continuous communities in the Nationstates world. It was refounded by Orangutang Fiction in 2009 after an invasion.

The Government is lead by a Triarchy consisting of the King, the Delegate and the Founder, though an alteration to the Regional Constitution is currently being considered. If passed, the constitutional amendments would remove the powers of the Founder and restrict those of the King, while increasing the role of the World Assembly Delegate and establishing a new position in the Triarchy, the Chairman, which would replace the seat to be vacated by the Founder.

Historically, Atlantis has merged both gameplay and roleplay, though is now focused mainly on roleplay. Atlantis was a member of the NationStates Commonwealth and the Founderless Regions Alliance (both now defunct). Atlantis suffered a considerable raid in 2016 by a coalition of raider groups aiming at invading "the defender haven" in an attempt to cripple morale in the FRA. Much of the main group behind the invasion were deleted for rule-breaking.