Lifetime on NationStates[]

Casmar was a user who had been DoS since 2017 that joined the NSverse on November 11 2016.

Casmar had Joined NS in Mid-November 2016. He is believed to have emerged in The North Pacific on November 11th, 2016 at 4:35 CST. He appeared to be a little dormant and eventually migrated to The Black Hawks on an unknown date possibly between (between 11-16 November, 2016) and would once again move to The Kingdom Of Ireland possibly sometime after December 13th, 2016 but was ejected for not obeying orders. He was relocated to The Rejected Realms where he settled there. He got to know the former WA delegate of The Church of Satan. He had time in balancing out post of TRR RMB in nationstates. The Rejected Realms soon became a suitable home for Casmar as he progressed into the game and continued his time in TRR. Casmar was ultimently deleted by MODS on March 5, 2017. He had previously met tnedratricarerer (another TRR nation who had also been purged by rule-moderators for violation of the site's guidelines). Tnedratricarerer is suspected to have pressured Casmar into hacking a TWP gaurdian This act would result in both Tnedratricarerer and Casmar's short-time deletion. Casmar had been IP banned from NS as of April 15, 2017. Tnedratricarerer is now a lost nation and haven't returned to the NS world ever since his sudden-deletion. It is unknown behind CASMAR's IP ban but he was known for using multiple puppets to harass other players, he had a hacking obsession AND in his spare time would spam the NS Help Center in an attempt to restore his main nation (Casmar)

Tension with The West Pacific[]

Casmar's former nation in The Boneyard after having been deleted by moderators for serious rule violations.

Screenshot 20201216-015709 Chrome.jpg

ANTI TWP LEADER 3 confirmed to be User Casmar

User ANTI TWP LEADER 3 is being displayed on the twp forums who (according to his bio and Bhang Bhang Duc) has been idenified as Casmar

NEW CASMARSTATES was created by Casmar on June 7th, 2017 after he abandoned his ANTI TWP LEADER 3 account

Willania Imperium has a short discussion with Bhang Bhang Duc

Bhang Bhang Duc's reluctance to allow Casmar on the TWP forums in spite of Willania Imperium's constant begging (June 12,2017)

CASMAR's long history with The West Pacific had been such a timeframe. On March 5th, 2017 (around 3:00-4:55 p.m) Casmar had been deleted by moderators for several repeated attempts at logging into another user's nation. It all began when a nation named North Selden (albeit ejected and banned from The West Pacific) had been furious with Davelands' audacity to ban him from TWP. Around this time, Casmar had been seeking to build new connections and had been having a dispute with Dark Aku as well, threats and all, another nation named Tnedratricarerer (short lived and mod-deleted) had also been ejected and banned from his birth-region as well. While Casmar was busy threatening others and North Selden was reaching out for someone to help teach Davelands a lesson, Tnedratricarerer had (for unknown reasons) offered to give Davelands the password to his nation-state. Once Tnedratricarerer had promised to forward the pass to him "via-telegram" Church of Satan had warned Casmar that this was a serious breech of the site's terms of service but at this point, it had already been too late. The last that was seen of Casmar's nation was a short-lived conversation with Chaotic Seperation who had been wishing Casmar some very good luck on his evevdors. Afterwards, another nation named Williana Imperium (who had joined the TRR RMB via embassy-posting) had entered the chat in defense of Davelands. When Casmar had asked Imperium to step down so he wouldn't get hurt, Imperium refused and made a sarcastic comment towards Casmar that clearly displayed that he wasn't scared one bit. After this encounter, Tnedratricarerer had finally entered the ring once more and had made a welcoming gesture to the TRR members. Chaotic Seperation had welcomed Tnedratricarerer and insisted that The Rejected Realms was a "band of merry rejects". Not long after this Tnedratricarerer had made a new RMB post on one of CASMAR's previous posts and stated "You know, I have a secret about your 'enemy' that can help you defeat him". CASMAR was however, was determined and desperate to combat Davelands with any weakness so CASMAR accepted. Tnedratricarerer had affirmed that he knew Davelands' password and would forward it to Casmar (via-telegram) and promised that Casmar could screw up his system afterwards. CASMAR's final response was "This sounds very interesting. What is his password?". After this, Casmar became increasingly confident in his ability to form relationships and proposed an alliance to Chaotic Seperation, Chaotic Seperation replied with "I'm actually pretty peaceful, dude. So, I don't see any reason to form alliances right now. Thanks for the offer though" CASMAR backed down shortly after this conversation. Casmar's very final reply before deletion was "Oh than but I am not peaceful". Meanwhile in a forum-site post Davelands had reported several recent failed login attempts against his account. He called for some "swift actions" against the "Rule breakers". Just nearly an hour later, Moderators began to purge out the RMB and Tnedratricarerer had ceased to exist around 4:29 p.m CST, followed by CASMAR around 4:55 p.m. A nation named Herzegovenia had expressed his satisfaction with CASMAR's disappearance and made a new post on the RMB which said "YES! C*CKY CASMAR IS GONE! OH HELL YEAH!" Which was followed by the appearance of NEW CASMAR (March 5th, 2017-April 14th, 2017)

NEW CASMAR March-April 2017[]

Casmar's resurrected form had came about shortly after the deletion of his primary nation

Screenshot 20201216-153255 Chrome.jpg

New Casmar's apology after becoming a puppet of Centra Germania

History of New Casmar (Factbook from Centra Germania)

On the evening of March 5th, 2017, an RMB post appeared in The Rejected Realms' threads which had been posted by NEW CASMAR (whom had apologized for his immatureness to Dark Aku and the inability to decide for himself) There is much unknown details about the specifics of New Casmar's lifespan but he did occupy the former region (The Holy Reich of Bunicken) which had been founded by Selven and was home to a sizable number of members. Centra Germania had moved into the HRB and New Casmar had also transported to Holy Reich of Bunicken as well. As the region no longer exist (as does it's founder, Selven) New Casmar's post in the HRB are unclear but a former friend of his named So Ko Do had also occupied the region and his alignment with either New Casmar or Centra Germania is also unclear. Around the time of New Casmar's existence, the very 1st nuclear apocalypse had occured as an annual April fools day event on March 31st, 2017 and New Casmar is believed to have targeted Derskakia for nuclear annihilation (based on an RMB post around that time). It is also noted that for unclear reasons, New Casmar had apparently made another puppet nation known as Demon Casmar. However, in the midst of a mostly-sluggish behavior, New Casmar was ultimently (mostly) inactive for the duration of the apocalypse and was completely annihilated by April 1st, 2017. It was also on that day where he founded a new nation known as "Autistic Casmar" and with it, he had eventually founded a whole new region (now defunct) that confirmed to his autism, he named it The Leauge of Autistic Countries, his longest-lived region to exist by far. The Leauge of Autistic Countries was mostly small and miniscule but may have lasted so long thanks to the presence of Terror and Horror in the region who had been residing in it ever since Autistic Casmar's deletion on April 14th, 2017. This particular region would endure tons of raids by Lily, The Roman Empire and even raiders that were loyal to The West Pacific around August, 2018. Although The Leauge of Autistic Countries would not just be a region with a long-lasting impact, around that same period The Leauge of Superior Worshippers would be formed by another puppet of Casmar's (Demon Casmar). Although, The Leauge of Superior Worshippers would eventually cease to exist as well in Late, 2017 but they had their fair-share of raids as well by Lily and The Black Hawks who had taken advantage of the region due to it's founderless status. However, to avoid getting off topic, Autistic Casmar and Demon Casmar were first founded as newly wed puppets on March 31 and April 1 of 2017. However, this would not be the end of the nation-making. On April 1st, 2017, New Casmar allegedly handed over his New Casmar nation to Romanian Germany who now took the nation as one of his puppets on site. On April 3rd, 2017 Casmar would make his third random nation, Autistic Demon Casmar and (shortly thereafter) he had AUTISTIC DEMON CASMAR transported to The Leaue of Autistic Countries where it would remain as a secondary nation until it's deletion. AUTISTIC DEMON CASMAR wouldn't have much functional use and it would only be a nation that would help support the activity of the region that it was in. Even when the first regional raid commenced sometime before April 14th, 2017, Autistic Demon Casmar would still be mostly inactive for the most part. So, Autistic Demon Casmar's details are unknown other than the fact that it was a placeholder nation before Terror and Horror took over before Autistic Casmar's and Autistic Demon Casmar's deletions. Just 1 day after the founding of Autistic Demon Casmar, Casmar would unveil a whole new sleuth of puppet nations, ranging from CASMAR BRAIN to CASMAR PANCREAS. There might have been over a dozen of these nations in total and they all conjoined to form the (now extinct) CASMAR region. These nations were all founded on the same day and involved some unsettling self-role-playing behavior from Casmar. He constantly ejected and banned himself from his own region constantly and without any reason as well. On the day that the "CASMAR" nations were all founded, Casmar had also founded a Contemporary puppet nation known as Deadly Germ. Deadly Germ is also a nation that we know little about other than the fact that it had joined a region named Liberate Powers and was removed on April 14th, 2017 by moderators. Throughout nearly the next week, CASMAR would be sending himself (constantly) to The Rejected Realms and on April 9th, 2017, CASMAR made a new nation named Casmar International Media Inc Networks and founded a new temporary regions. Apparently, Romanian Germany had joined the region as well. However, It occured to be strange since Casmar and Romanian Germany had gotten into an argument on The Rejected Realms RMB who and Romanian Germany had claimed that CASMAR had stolen New Casmar away from him. Casmar replied with a statement where he claimed that Centra Germania had made it (unproven) and handed it over to him as a gift. Although weather New Casmar was a creation of Casmar or Centra Germania is uncertain, Casmar most likely made the account as he had successfully logged into New Casmar with no blunders. However, Casmar and RG were able to get their differences cleared up and by merely hours later, it is probable that Casmar gave his account back to Romanian Germany in order to avoid any serious conflicts. After things were cleared up between the two, Casmar offered him a position in his un-named region that he made with his most recent puppet. Romanian Germany accepted. He was even given special authority permissions by Casmar who allowed him a special seat in the administrative duties of the regional government. However, this would barely be long before April 14th, 2017.

Total deletion and DoS penalty from NationStates (April 15, 2017)[]

All of Casmar's still-existing nations that he had founded before April 14, 2017 were all deleted on that date. No one is quite certain why mods deleted those nations but he did appear to harass some in-game players on the site.

Among all of his nations that were deleted by moderators were Deadly Germ, The Entire CASMAR region and Autistic Casmar. Casmar International Media Inc Networks was also deleted by mods. Most of Casmar's regions ceased to exist except for The Leauge of Autistic Countries who had a couple of other players residing in it for some time. Terror and Horror would also remain in the region for the longest of time. It is possible that Terror and Horror might have been keeping the region from naturally ceasing to exist. Although, another region that Casmar created called "The leauge of Superior Worshippers" would also stay up for a while. There was no more hope left for Casmar.

Casmar is thought to have created some nations in the Early hours of April 15th, 2017 and was never heard from, again. (Until June of 2017). According to Bhang Bhang Duc in the West Pacific Forums Casmar is DoS from NationStates for repeated hacking attempts against his and Daveland's accounts. He was also banned from The West Pacific Forums for trying to join and get unbanned from NationStates. Willania Imperium had also apparently tried to get Casmar un-banned from NationStates but all failed. In May, 2017 there was a nation named West Casmar who had apparently been the reincarnation of New Casmar and stated that he was also a puppet or a province of Centra Germania. West Casmar was deleted on May 31, 2017 (probably for violation of his DoS penalty) and he hadn't returned to the NS world ever since. It is unknown if Casmar had ever made other nations while being banned from NationStates. However, Casmar's IP ban was sudden but completely justified and he breached the site's terms multiple times. Casmar's ban is very well deserved and he hadn't returned to NS ever since then. However, In January, 2020 Bhang Bhang Duc made a comment under a post in The West Pacific forums and claimed that he was locked out of his account by Casmar (who had also been stalking Davelands) however, he was probably banned from the forums once more for the hacking attempts. Casmar's ban is a message to other players that breaching the site's terms can get one into serious trouble. Although, there have been players who have committed far worse offenses than Casmar but Casmar's ban was still completely deserved and Casmar did in fact get what was coming to him.

It is concluded that Casmar was banned from NationStates in April, 2017 and continued to stalk West Pacific members through the forums in January, 2020. He was a rule breaker who committed multiple breaching of the site's terms and moderators gave him several chances to redeem himself but he never did. Casmar never had any intention of changing his ways and for this reason, he is a well-deserved IP banned player who will hopefully never return to NationStates because he will probably break the rules again if he ever returns. However, Casmar did state that he had no intentions of ever breaking the rules but that turned out not to be true. Casmar is confirmed to be a complete danger to others and should never return to the NS world. Although, it is uncertain if Casmar does actually have intentions to change his ways during these days but that is doubtful. Although the Deletion of Casmar's original nation should have made him learn his lesson