Imperium of Cohenia
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: If it's a tender rump, you know it's a Queen's Choice
Anthem: Praise Cohenia

(and largest city)
Official languages1 English, Cohenian
Government Absolute monarchy
- Emperor Ferrin I
- as Cohenia c. 950 BC
- as United Empire of Cohenia and Zykrania 958
- as Imperium 1651
- Total ? km²
? sq mi
- Water (%) ?.??
- 2007 estimate 5,810,000,000
- Density ? /km²
? /sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2007 estimate
- Total $217,294,000,000,000
- Per capita $37,400
HDI (2003) Green Arrow Up Darker 0.782 (?)
Currency Yuran (ζ) (JCU)
Time zone (UTC-8 to -3)
- Summer (DST) not observed (UTC-8 to -3)
Internet TLD .coh, .ic
Calling code +69
National animal
English name
Castor cohenia
Cohenian beaver
1Zukariaan is recognized as an 'unofficial language'.

The United Imperium of the Cohenias and Zykrania, the Imperium of Cohenia, or simply Cohenia is an absolute monarchy located primarily in Gholgoth. Cohenia consists of eight provinces, three territories, and three overseas departments, and a federal district. All of the provinces and territories are located in the mainland, while the departments lie in Haven, Gholgoth, and Continentia.

The head of state and head of government of the Imperium is the Emperor, Ferrin I. The Emperor makes all decisions for the nation, but he relies on the Parliament and his Cabinet for decisions. For a bill to become a law, the Emperor must sign it. Once the Emperor vetoes the bill, it is dead. The current Prime Minister of Cohenia, as of the August 2007 elections, is Benjamin Steinberg.
Flag of Cohenia

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The Imperium of Cohenia is an empire with a federal district, eight provinces, three territories, four overseas departments, and numerous colonies. The provinces, territories, and the Federal District of Stuyvesant all vote in the Cohenian Parliament with representatives based on population and representatives based on equality. Each division gets three representatives in the lower house of Parliament.

Provinces Edit

Hamilton Edit

The Hamilton Province is the largest province population wise. The capital of the province is Hamilton, the second largest city in the Imperium. The province is mainly urban, a large portion of it is on the Great Shark Bay. Climatewise, it is very Mediterranean with hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters.

Knox Edit

The second most populace province of the Imperium is the Knox Province. The Knox Province's capital is New Knox, formerly Old Knox. Like the Hamilton Province, the Knox Province is urban. Knox Province's climate is oceanic.

Cape Province Edit

Located in the south of the nation, the Cape Province's capital is Cape Town. Cape Town is generally regarded as the sports and vacation capital of Cohenia, where the rugby and football teams play and the beaches are located. The warm, tropical climate of Cape Town and her surrounding towns attract many tourists from across the nation and region.

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