Dacaran Democratic Party
Conservative Logo

Demorcats Dacara

Leader Catherine Lyons
Deputy Leader Christopher Mawhinney
Party President George Settle
Founded 1975
Office 17 Chamberlain RD
Webb Heights Kelowna
Political Ideology Conservative liberalism,
Liberal conservatism,
New Right
Political Position Center-Right
File:Daniel Redmond.jpg

The Democratic Party is one of two major political parties Dacara, the other being the Labor Party. It is the current governing party holding majority of seats in congress and holding the executive cabinet.

Since the 2020 general elections the Democratic Party is the majority party for the 10th Congress; the party holds an outright majority in the House of Representatives and constitutes a majority in the Dacaran Senate. The Democratic Party also holds the Chancellorship with Chancellor Daniel Redmond being the 5th Democratic Chancellor and a member of the Democratic Party. Democrats also hold a majority of state governorships and control a plurality of state legislatures. In 2009, it was the largest political party, with 42.6 percent of 984 million registered voters claiming affiliation.

The Democratic Party traces its origins to the Democratic-Conservative Party, a party formed in early 1760's of members against the autocratic power of the monarchy. The economically right-leaning activist philosophy of David Moon, which has strongly influenced Dacaran liberalism, has shaped much of the party's economic agenda since Moon's Chancellorship in 2000.


Modern Democracy in Dacara is represented by all members of the Democratic Party of Dacara, who are generally an advocate of economic liberalism. However, during previous Democratic governments, the party was quite interventionist in its economic policy and maintained Dacara's high tariff levels.

Socially, the Democratic Party is a liberal party, although it has a minority social democracy wing. In recent years, under Scott McBain, it has moved to a more liberal policy agenda. The party has also adopted a tough policy on authorised immigration and incompased a free unrestricted market started by former Chancellor Dunca Self.

Democratic ChancellorsEdit

2000-2010: David Moon
2010-2015: Luke Bianchi
2020-2026: Thomas Spencer
2026-2031: Duncan Self
2031-Present: Scott McBain

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