Dixie Republic
Flag of Dixie Great Seal of Dixie of Dixie
Deo Vindice (Latin) "Under God, our Vindicator"
Location of Dixie
CapitalRichmond, Virginia
Official languages English
Demonym Confederate, Souther
Government Confederation
 -  President Mike Huckabee
 -  Vice President Ron Paul
 -  Legislature Congress of Dixie
 -  Dixie Formed February 4, 1861 
 -  Start of the American Civil War April 12, 1861 
 -  End of the American Civil War July 5, 1863 
 -  Dixie recognized July 5, 1863 
Currency Dixie dollar

The Dixie Republic* also know as the Confederate States of America, the Southern Confederacy or just Dixie. Dixie was formed on February 4, 1861 by Southern States that secede from the United States. (*A Constitutional Democratic Republic of Republics [Sovereign States].)

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