Edin Grüber President of Alranar
In office January 2006 - Present
Political party Alranar Conservative Party
Preceded by William Flannigan

11th December, 1967
Alloria, Alranar
Politician, CEO
Religion Atheist
Languages English, German

Edin Grüber, (born 11 December, 1967), is the current High Chancellor of Alranar and CEO of Altech. He was elected in 2006 by popular vote and is currently finishing out his first term.

Early Life[]

Edin Grüber was born in Alloria in 1967. His father was the renowned theoretical physicist Dr. Hansel Grüber who was known for his work on quantum mechanics. Edin decided to follow in his father's footsteps and at the age of 18 he was accepted into the Alranar Institute of Technology. He received a degree in particle physics at the age of 26 and was hired by Cybersystems. After working for Cybersystems for a few years he became annoyed at the management and was immediately hired by Altech. He quickly rose through the corporate ranks and became the CEO of Altech. He then became very interested in politics at this point, and he had great concerns for the people of Alranar. He would eventually win the 2006 elections and become High Chancellor.

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Major Corporations: Altech, Cybersystems, Tungsten Dynamics, Temple Arms, Alranar Pharmaceuticals
People: Edin Grüber
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