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FNAF is a fnaf (five nights at freddys) based region in Nationstates which currently contains 8 nations.

Overview Edit

Its Founder is The Empire of Springtraps and the current WA Delegate is The Kingdom of FNAFia

Polls Type Edit

Polls are FNAF based(mostly)

Raids Edit

A successful 'raid' in Naimark has happened.

Embassies Edit

Embassies: UndertaleDeltarune, La nova TerraMonarchist and Democratic AllianceLaraniemThe Planet XThe Seven RealmsTheRainbowArmyLardyland, Naimark, Christmas, Mission Crabs, Anti Fairy Pact, Order of the Southern North, New International States, The Houses of Friends, The Great Universe, Undertale Roleplayers paradise, Embassy Hub II, and The New Americanan World, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku,  FNAF 2, The Music Box, The Rainbow Army

Positions/Members Edit

The Empire Of Springtraps (Founder ) (deceased)

The Kingdom Of FNAFia  (FNAF 2 Delegate)

The Borderlands Of Sister Location (Sister location Delegate )

Bolshevik FNAF

The Republic of Reeanglia

The Colony of The End Is Ny

The Empire of Manglereich

The Empire of The Country of Germany (FNAFreich) (deceased)

The United Socialist States of Panda Tiger

'The Kingdom of  of Penumbrian Palladium'The Federal Republic of The Custodian People

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