The Queendom of Liberated Lesbians (Liberated Lesbians) is the Founder and current President of the New Political League. Liberated Lesbians is most famous for its mandatory practices of Lesbianism, Abortion, Pornography, and Lesbianity. Liberated Lesbians has a Sate-Centered Socialist Economy.

World Census Description[]

The Queendom of Liberated Lesbians is a fledgling, socially progressive nation, remarkable for its state-planned economy, punitive income tax rates, and devotion to social welfare. The cynical, devout population of 6 million Lesbians are ruled with an iron fist by the dictatorship government, which ensures that no-one outside the party gets too rich. In their personal lives, however, citizens are relatively unoppressed; it remains to be seen whether this is because the government genuinely cares about its people, or if it hasn't gotten around to stamping out civil rights yet.

The enormous, socially-minded, well-organized government juggles the competing demands of Welfare, Spirituality, and Healthcare. The average income tax rate is 70.5%, and even higher for the wealthy.

The basket case Lesbian economy, worth 83.4 billion Lesbiano Dollars a year, is driven entirely by a combination of government and state-owned industry, with private enterprise illegal. The industrial sector, which is quite specialized, is mostly made up of the Trout Farming industry, with significant contributions from Tourism. Average income is 13,901 Lesbiano Dollars, and distributed extremely evenly, with practically no difference between the richest and poorest citizens.

Any body part that can be cut off a person is no longer considered to be their property, posters on 'Lesbian Values' advise against being proud of Liberated Lesbians, the "war on terror" doesn't seem to be making Lesbians any less frightened, and motorists' locations are constantly tracked by intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Crime, especially youth-related, is totally unknown, thanks to a well-funded police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. Liberated Lesbians's national animal is the Pink Swan, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests.


Following mush persecution for Lesbian Minorities, Allyson Meghan and her wife, Ellen Meghan, received inspiration from Her Exalted Lesbian to create a Nation to preserve the rights of Lesbians as the true and only capable leaders of the World.

Upon reaching the coast of Liberated Lesbians with their ship and 500 Lesbians, Allyson and Alex proclaimed the land as Her Exalted Lesbian given land; where Lesbians would multiply and grow fruitful as the rightful masters of all.

Following the sacred ceremony where all the land was proclaimed as rightfully Lesbian, Liberation from past told began and the Queendom of Liberated Lesbians was formed.

With the formation of the great and rightful nation, the Queens formed the Royal House of Lesbianhood. They, and all Queens since, have become exalted to the power of Goddesses; the true and rightful rulers of all Lesbians.

During the reign of Queens Allyson Meghan III, Ellen Meghan II, Trinity Meghan II, Julia Meghan III in 1969, the official Constitution was established; before, a Constitution was unnecessary as Her Exalted Lesbian gave the reigning Goddesses direst promptings and information. Due to the uncleanliness of the World, however (with rampant Heterosexuality and Male dominance), Her Exalted cut off communication with all Lesbians until the time came when the World was pure again with Lesbianism spread throughout every corner.

Rules of Past Queens[]

  • Queen Allyson Megahn, Queen Ellen Meghan 1642-1700
  • Queen Allyson Megahn II, Queen Trinity Meghan, Queen Sam Meghan 1700-1765
  • Queen Donna Meghan, Queen Julia Meghan 1765-1832
  • Queen Julia Meghan 1832-1834
  • Queen Julia Meghan II 1834-1900
  • Queen Allyson Meghan III, Queen Ellen Meghan II, Queen Trinity Meghan II, Queen Julia Meghan III 1900-1971
  • Queen Ellen Meghan III, Queen Harley Meghan 1971-2001
  • Queen Allyson Meghan IV, Queen Harley Meghan II, Queen Trinity Meghan III 2001-2015
  • Queen Allyson Meghan IV 2015-2020
  • Queen Allyson Meghan V, Queen Alex Meghan 2020-Present


Preamble The Women of the Queendom of Liberated Lesbians do proclaim this document as the official constitution of Lesbians everywhere. To establish Femininity, Lesbianism, Womanhood, and to liberate Lesbians everywhere. To protect and preserve rights as Lesbians, Women, and the rightful Leaders in the World.

Article 1 - Royal Lesbian Rights

Section 1 The Royal House of Lesbianism, [members to be addressed as Royal Lesbian, Royal Lesbianess, Royaly Liberated] shall be known as the Lesbianhood House, led by Queens of the Royal House of Lesbianhood. The current Royal Queens of Liberated Lesbians are Queens Allyson and Alex Meghan of the Royal House of Lesbianhood. The Queens shall have total control over all Lesbians; control of Lesbian Rights, Issues, Laws, etc.

Section 2 The Birthdates of the current and first Royal Lesbian Queens shall be celebrated as a National Holiday

Section 3 All Lesbians must put the Queens at the center of their lives; all daily, work, and religious doings shall have the Queens at their center. The Queens are Goddesses to be worshiped and praised by all Lesbiankind.

Article 2 - Lesbianity

Section 1 Lesbianity will be the official and mandated religion for Lesbians throughout the World. The past, present, and future Queens are Goddesses who reign on Earth for the benefit of all Lesbiankind. They rest in the Eternal Lesbian Palace after their mournful passing in the Heavens.

Article 2 - Pregnation, Abortion, Sexuality, Sex, and Intercourse Rights

Section 1 All Lesbians must be Women, thus, any person wishing to thrive in the Royal Queendom under her Majesties Heavenly rule must be Female. Any Male wishing to partake of the flourishing fruit of Lesbianhood must undergo a thorough Government Sex-Change Operation available for free at any Health Clinic and declare themselves as a devoted Woman and Lesbian above all other things in life.

Section 2 All Sexual Intercourse must be between two Women only, as ordered by the Heavens. Any type of relationship, intercourse, or any other beautiful things with Males is punishable by Rehabilitation; where wrongdoers will reflect on their sinful actions. All women, upon reaching the age of 14, must partake in the glory of Lesbian Sex at least once per day.

Section 3 All Women must be Lesbians. Any other Sexual Identity is deemed as imperfection. Any attraction towards Males in any sense is punishable by Rehabilitation. Same-Sex Attraction is the only way forward through life.

Section 4 All women, upon reaching the age of 14, must be impregnated at least 20 times in their life. 1 abortion immediately after impregnation, 4 in the first trimester, 3 in the second trimester, and 13 in the third trimester (either in the first 2 months of trimester (7th and 8th months) or in the last month of trimester (9th month)). Any pregnancy with a male baby is to be aborted at the required times. All Abortions are to occur at Health Clinics.

Section 5 All impregnations are to occur at Health Clinics via sperm donation or bone marrow. “Natural” impregnation is illegal and punishable by Rehabilitation. Any wishing to donate sperm must be in open support of Lesbianism. All Males wishing to come into the flock of Lesbianism must donate sperm before the Sex-Change Operation is completed.

Article 3 - Video, Reading, and Other Material

Section 1 All books, movies, magazines, shows, etc. are banned except for those promoting Lesbianism. Lesbian promotion includes Lesbian Love Stories, Pornography, etc.

Section 2 All Lesbian within the age groups of 16-21, 28-30, and 33-34 must serve at least 6 months in the making of Lesbian Pornographic material, Love Stories, etc. Either as actors, writers, etc.

Article 4 - Clothing

Section 1 All clothing is banned except for skin-tight clothes such as hosiery, bodysuits, evening gloves, etc. Latex, leather, satin, etc. are elements highly promoted and used. Nudity is promoted as the superior option to clothing, however. Royal Lesbians can wear pink, purple, or white dresses with skin-tight gloves and hosiery required. Bras are optional when wearing clothing and are greatly discouraged along with panties and other types of restrictive under-clothing.

Constitutional Amendments[]

1st Amendment - Sexual Education All Lesbians, upon reaching the age of 14, must be taught the honorable and beautiful life ahead of them. To accomplish this, Sexual Education will be required in all Schools. Students will learn the beauty of Lesbian Sex; they will learn how to correctly administer Sexual Interactions with others. They will watch videos, read books, and practice Lesbian Sex on each other. Students must have 30 minutes of Lesbian Sex with the Teacher of the course to pass. Pornographic Videos will be mandatorily watched daily in Schools.