The Federation of Gekkeom is a right wing utopia ruled by prime minister Subid Ashafta that is part of the region new international states. It is located on an island that randomly appeared in the Indian Ocean. it does not allow acts against the environment such as deforestation. This law is known as theTree Law. This nation prohibits weed and other drugs.(This is the flag of the Federation of Gekkeom) (below)

255px-Flag of the British Indian Ocean Territory.png


Gekkeom used to be 100 city-states that would get in war often over cultural differences. they signed a treaty on October 5, 1921so that the states are united and are prohibited from war among each other. This country has so many cultures that are different from each other so that little hate crimes occur, we have very little civil rights. the capital of the country is Drandara, which means "unity" in all native languages. Since the first law ever created (in 1921), which was the tree law, Gekkeom has been in a period of prosperity and peace.