Flag Und Tricolor.jpg Offical Flag

The Federal Republic of Nazi Centauri, Reichsrepublik der Nazi Centauri(German)

Motto:Ein Reich,Ein Weitblick,Ein Abschit,One Nation,One Vision,One Purpose(Translated)
Anthem:Die Fahne Hoch/Horst Wessel Lied
Nation Leader:Erwin Rommel
Total Population:1,570,212,221(2010 Census)
Ethnic Group:Germans
Size:534,321 square kilometres
Offical Language:German,British English
Ideology:National Socialist
International Calling Code:091
National Currency:Centurion Marks (C$M)
Capital City:Wolfenstein City,2nd largest city in Nazi Centauri


Nazi Centauri or The Federal Republic of Nazi Centauri is a country in the region of Nazi Europe.It is bordered by the North Sea.The Country covers 357,891 square kilometres.The Total Population is 315,654,228 million people.The country is called Centauri by some and the Centurion Civilisation rosed up at 3500 BC till its downfall at 12 A.D.The nation plunged into the dark ages but was united in 1478 by King Willhelm the Great.In the 19th Century,The Centurion Revolution took place and Communist Ideology controlled the nation.In the 20th,a coup de tat,lead by General Adolf Hitler(Later Fuhrer of Nazi Centauri) took over the office seat and installed the National Socialist Centurion Workers Party movement.Now the country is runned by The New Fuhrer,Erwin Rommel.


Nazi Centauri's Geography is no place for people who love's heat or can't withstand the cold.Wit a size of 534,321 square kilometres,it's a large nation surrounded by the North Sea.The yearly temperature in Nazi Centauri is -32 degress celcius which is extremely cold.It's not a suprise as Nazi Centauri is quite close to the North Pole and with strong winds up to 210 kilometres per hour directly from the harsh North Sea.24% of Nazi Centauri is covered by cold,icy,steep,mountainous ranges while 38.2% of Nazi Centauri is covered by vast Artic Forest which consist's of pine tree's,Centurion Redwood,Centurion Ironwood,Artic Timber and Maple Tree's.The rest of Nazi Centauri is covered by cold,barren,Tundra's which is inhospitable and harsh.The Centurion Tundra is one of the most infamous landscape's of Nazi Centauri as temperature could fall up to -52 degress Celcius and with a wind speed up to 240 kilometres per hour and heavy snow blizzard's which is common in Nazi Centauri.Nazi Centauri's has a very harsh winter with temperature falling up to negative 48 degress celcius,4 degress warmer than in the tundra while during the summer,temperature could reach up to 5 degress celcius while in the tundra it's -2 degress celcius and wind's could only reach up to 60-120 kilometres per hour.Nazi Centauri is full of natural resource's such as oil,platinum,aluminium,titanium,iron,coal,uranium,lithium,lead,gold,diamond's and natural gas.15% of our resource's has been mined while 85% of it still remain's untouched as the vast Centurion Tundra and mountain range's make it impossible for miner's to have access to the resources.


Current Population Of Nazi Centauri(2010 e-Census)

Population:1,570,212,221 Male:52.1 % Female:48.9% Median Age:52.1 Years Life Expectacy:84.23 Years(Male:75.2 Years,Female:81.3 Years).&nbsp Citizen's are referred as Centurion's Ethnicity.Most of the people in Nazi Centauri are mostly from Nazi Centauri though 38% of the population are Immigrants.

Germans:62%,Jews:14% Irish:9%,&nbsp British:7% Asian:5% Australian(Aussies)&New Zealanders(Kiwi's):3%