Poggers Park, officially known as the 👌︎♓︎♑︎♑︎♓︎♏︎ 💧︎😩❍︎♋︎●︎●︎⬧︎ of Poggers Park (pronounced 'Biggie Smalls'), abbreviated as PP, is a park, European and African country, and an enclave, surrounded by Uganda, more specifically, the Kibaale District. It also has an extended presence in Cockermouth, a town in Cumbria, UK, where the Poggers Park Google Maps pin drop was last placed.


It was primarily created to illustrate the stupidity of Google's 'place approval' system, in regard to adding a place to Google Maps.

Poggers Park, under its current government, is an anarchic society, that simultaneously exists as a 'country', in an ironic sense.

The official language of Poggers Park is English, however Wingdings is a recognised minority language, that is mainly spoken by Pog frogs, the native, and most predominant, ethnic group of the nation.

it is unfortunately been removed from google maps now but will never be forgotten by the citizens.

on 10th of June the will be a minute silence at 10.00 am - 10.01am for google maps removing ones a glorious country.