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    The adoption of WikiStates by Akamichi marks a new era, for which we need to clear the live discussion to cater for major changes. Discussion items prior to 21 May 2016 can be found at Talk:Main Page/Archive 1.

    New logo contest[]

    WikiStates adopted a temporary logo on 21 July 2016 to mark a new era after eight years without a local administrator.

    However, we are now looking for a more powerful logo ahead of our 10th anniversary. Here are the guidelines:

    • There should be two versions: one regular and one to celebrate our 10th anniversary.
    • The logo may either be in a raster PNG or vector SVG format.
    • The logo must be landscape at 250×65 pixels.
    • The logo needs to reflect the topic of WikiStates.
    • The logo must not be similar to the logo of NationStates.
    • The logo must avoid using unpopular typefaces, such as Comic Sans or Hobo.

    The proposed deadline is 15 September 2016. Bear in mind that we may make minor edits to the selected logo for accessibility or technical reasons.


    Entries go here.