This article is about WA member nations with the most endorsements in a region. For other uses, see Delegate (disambiguation).

A region's delegate is the WA member nation with the most endorsements in that region. If two nations have the same number of endorsements, then the nation that has been in the region longer will become the delegate. Endorsement counts are decided during the daily game update. A delegate has extra voting power in the World Assembly (the number of votes a delegate has is the total number of endorsements plus one more vote, which represents the nation itself), and may be able to access Regional Control if the founder allows this. In non-game terms, the delegate usually becomes the head of the government of his region, and many regions have election cycles to vote on its next delegate.

Control of the RegionEdit

Control of the Delegacy also gives access to regional control, (if enabled by Founder), thus making control of the Delegate's seat equivalent to control over the region. Regional control provides access to the banlist and regional password, and therefore control over access to the region. If there is no founder; as is the case in the Feeder regions and many of the older, larger regions; then the Delegate has uncontested control ... until someone gets more endorsements, that is.

The consequence is that Delegate endorsement battles are the heart and soul of region crashing, and an absent Delegate has left the door open for others to invade and take control of the region. There are as many strategies to maintain or wrest away control as there are open regions, and somebody will probably find another one tomorrow. This is one of the principal forms of gameplay activity in NationStates. -- 17:50, 31 July 2008 (UTC)-- 17:50, 31 July 2008 (UTC)

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