WikiStates is a wiki about NationStates, the free online game created by Max Barry. Editing is generally open to all, and you can create pages about your nation here.

Administration team[]

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Brief history[]

WikiStates is one of the oldest wikis about NationStates, founded by Thunderhead (Opatia on NationStates) in 2006.

Our founder, Thunderhead was only active until 11 November in the same year when WikiStates first went online, yet we have survived the changeover from the United Nations to the World Assembly on NationStates, the rise and fall of NationStates 2, and the catastrophic collapse of as well as the rise of its alternatives.


  • 25 September: WikiStates is created.[1]
  • 18 October: WikiStates launches with its first home page.[1]


  • 1 April: NationStates relaunches the United Nations as the World Assembly after a trademark issue.
  • 5 May: Blast and Kmweber began self-hosting WikiStates, with the original intention of closing down the Wikia version.
  • 28 May: Wikia decides to keep WikiStates for players that wanted to stay with Wikia, but the move to self-hosting left it with no active administrator.


  • 5 June 2012: NationStates introduces Factbooks and Dispatches.


  • 8 November: WikiStates becomes the oldest known operating wiki about NationStates, after closed down in November 2013., which first went online on 5 September 2004, was the most popular NationStates resource at the time, but had suffered spam attacks and server downtime during their last year of operation.


  • 31 December: The self-hosted version of WikiStates closed down, because of the lack of resources to address serious spamming issues.


  • 21 May: After 8 years of administrative inactivity, Wikia appoints Akamichi as WikiStates’ first active administrator (see this page about how users can adopt a community with no active administrators).
  • 25 September: WikiStates celebrates its 10th anniversary.

This section is made possible by Minoa (also webmaster of NSindex), who has trawled through the archives over time to piece together the history of the NationStates wikis. For a full list of NationStates wikis from past and present, see List of NationStates wikis on NSindex.


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