Flag of the World Assembly

The World Assembly is the world's governing body on NationStates. Originally promoted as an April Fools' joke, it replaced the United Nations on 1 April 2008 due to a trademark issue with the real United Nations.

In 2009, the World Assembly introduced the Security Council, which has powers to condemn or commend regions and nations, and liberate regions. The original functions of the World Assembly became part of the General Assembly.

World Assembly membership is voluntary, but each player can only have one World Assembly member at a time, otherwise they will be ejected for one year.


The current World Assembly Secretary-General is Rivqaha Baranashatiyin of Katzenstaat, who was elected on 12 May 2018. In roleplay, Catherine Gratwick was the Secretary-General between the formation of the World Assembly in 2008 and 16 March 2016, when she retired, although she stayed on as the interim Secretary-General as a puppet of Katzenstaat until Rivqaha was elected.

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